Part Time Vegan 201 Yummy Recipes That Put the FUN in Flexitarian

By Cherise Grifoni

Published by F&W Media

I’m a pollotarian by choice, I won’t lie I have given vegetarianism some thought but I feel like if I lose my chicken I will lose my sanity. Veganism for me is on the end of the spectrum, its a very strict diet but you know what? Cherise does a phenomenal job on laying out (OMG delicious recipes!!!) the concept of being a vegan. I love how she has a sense of humor (and you see it all through the book). It seems to me that she knows how to add some spice in life, because I gave some recipes a try (desserts!) and I really enjoyed them. I like how she doesn’t try to guilt trip you on animal rights, and believe me I’ve seen it done quite often in Vegan/Vegetarian books. After reading the book from cover to cover (which was extremely enjoyable, and mouthwatering!) I found her blog [Your Vegan Zombie] and I really liked it. She has helped me find new creative ways to get my protein and vitamins that I need (Cherise thank you!). I just loved the content all around! I know there will be a few recipes that even non-vegans will want to try (did I mention desserts?!), full of flavor and love, theres a recipe in this book for everyone.

If there was one thing I do have to comment on is the lack of pictures. I love pictures what can I say? I would’ve loved it even more (and I already love it!) if there were pictures throughout the book to see how the dishes could turn out. Although it might’ve been because Cherise didn’t want us to drool more over this book. I would definitely recommend it (and her blog too!) for anyone who wants some creativity in the kitchen, eat healthier, or just wants to try some delish food make sure to add this to your recipe book collection!

Smile, be creative in the kitchen!




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