Think about it, we react in certain ways to situations based on what we’ve experienced. It’s not something we can always control but it happens weather we like it or not. Take for instance someone who as a child saw her parents argue, someone who didn’t really have a fatherly figure around. Those experiences if left un-helped will arise later in adulthood. That child may grow up with trust issues, will remain oppressed etc. it happens all the time, we are the product of our environment. That was just an example (my example) of the many other countless examples that we all live through day after day.

Recognizing that events do make an impact on us is just the first step. We don’t have to let those negative situations take a hold of our lives. We have been blessed with the ability to make choices, something that many of us overlook and/or take for granted. Albeit not easy, it is do-able. Think back, think of how you are a product of your environment. Is it stopping you from taking risks in life? Is it stopping you from what you know will make you happy?

Smile, don’t forget that you have a choice to turn things around for the better.