I am very particular about my stuff, more specifically my room. I organize it according to my likes, my taste. When we moved here I had to pick out the color of the walls, I had to imagine what my new sanctuary would look like. While picking out the colors one in particular called out for me, it was called “Joyful”. I immediately fell in love with the color, and it is now the primary of my room.


I’d like to think that I am an optimist, but I am only human and like everyone else I fall every now and then. I get up, but I make mistakes, I have my breakdown moments too. “Joyful” its supposed to stand for something, for the way I like to be, for how I like to view the world in all its splendor. I like to think in the good of others, I’m too tired of being a cynic, although I often times find it difficult.

I believe that one’s room is like a mirror to our soul, it reflects a lot about us. You can tell a lot about a person by their room. How they are, what they’re like, what they like, where they’ve been, where they want to go. Now, some may label me as O.C.D. I like to say that I’m just particular about the things I have. I like my things in a certain place, I like my room to smell a certain way, to be a certain way.

I don’t like my things to be moved and left where they “don’t belong”, I don’t like my room smelling like food, nor do I like to see a mess in it either. I don’t like to have anything under my bed (it only calls out for spiders and little critters), I want it to be bright, and as neat as it can possibly be. I don’t like arguments in my room, I don’t like negative thoughts either, it is my sanctuary after all. I dislike taking my work to bed, or doing any kind of work in bed, my bed is my place to rest, to relax, its my zen spot. I’ll admit I have done work on my bed in my past, but that’s only a last resort kind of deal.


I am for tranquility, peace, life, and happiness. Overall I want my room to feel like it has a sense of balance, a place where you can walk in and just forget about the world outside, relax, because everything is in harmony. After all, that is just what I want to do with my own life, to acquire a sense of balance and tranquility to my soul.

Smile, there is harmony after all the chaos.