Funny how a year can go by so quickly. Whenever I think of time and its relation to my perception I think of how or perception of time is proportional to our experiences, the longer you live the more experience you have, the faster time seems to pass you by. When we are young five minutes seems almost like an eternity, when you are older five minutes seems too short. We live busy lives on a daily basis. We fill our agendas with unnecessary events, dates, and the like. Why? Why do are we so inclined to please people? Graduations, birthdays, get togethers of people we hardly know. I guess its networking, but sometimes it just feels like we just need that human connection… we’re so addicted to the idea of being accepted. Ironic, because we are biased humans, we judge weather we notice it or not all the time and yet here we are trying to fit in, trying to connect. Connect.

I became aware of a lot of things this year in school. I realized that there were some classmates that I’ve had ever since I started my first class in my school who I didn’t talk to. These guys that I saw almost on a daily basis in class, on campus, who I never took the opportunity to even get to know. I realized that professors know us more than they pretend not to. I realized that I have actually learned things in school because I can do the homework in the upper level courses. I remember being a freshman and thinking “I can’t wait to learn this…”. I realized that I am part of the minority in my major, and that is not an obstacle its a force to try harder, better. My GPA has kept going up and that’s great news for me. My ideas were set on staying an extra year at my current school because I was in no rush. Lately my ideas have changed completely, I actually want to graduate now, perhaps start on my Masters, get a job, maybe even aim for a doctorate, even start a family.

Start a family. Who knew that I would be thinking of this? Me, that odd girl who lived to be stressed, who loved the stress the feel of approaching deadlines, that work-a-holic would end up saying she wanted to start a family. Sometimes I feel old, and yet I’m pretty young but life passes one by so quickly. Its that perception of time theory of mine again… the experiences…time doesn’t fly its us that make it seem like its passing faster by doing unnecessary things and not focusing on the beauty of life. We all need to take some time to stop and smell the roses every now and then, its good to realize that we are mortals, we do have limits, because then we can appreciate life even more.

Smile, appreciate what you have.