If there’s one thing I dislike greatly, is shopping in a hurry, in a store filled with stubborn and angry people or as people like to call it Black Friday and Near Christmas Sales. I really don’t get the point in buying stuff during those sales, its a headache. Sure you’ll save money here and there but I would rather have peace of mind and be able to take my sweet time around a store without having to worry if someone will get to an item before I do because of super limited quantities. I don’t get the whole idea of camping outside a store or getting up at 3am just to get there early. Believe me I have done it, especially as a child when my family would wake me up just to hit the sales. I disliked it very much.

I learned that you have a whole year to know what people what, to get what people want and to take part in specials that’s don’t have many crazy people running around and fighting. So my plan is to start buying the gifts that I know to be for sure gifts earlier on in the year or even up to October. I do my best to avoid shopping in late November till Christmas.

I love it much more this way. I have to deal less about running to the store, or getting this or that. Or even wrapping presents the night before or even the day of. I hide the presents, and people never find them unless I show the little kid toys to my mom but thats never a big deal because its the kids I hide them from the most. After that its an easy holiday season, worry free. Oh how I love just looking at people go crazy over shopping, knowing that I am almost done with mine. Just laying back and relaxing, listening to the holiday music and eating a cookie or two. Life is great when you don’t procrastinate.

Smile, its never to early to start thinking about the holidays!