Its been over a year since my sister began to say she wanted to be a mother. I remember going with her to the pharmacy to get pregnancy tests, waiting for that little stick to change and they didn’t change. She began to get a little upset, at times I would catch her with tears, she was getting frustrated and telling me she was getting old. Ironic because she would always say she didn’t want kids, but then I know she secretly always wanted at least one. I remember walking with her to the store one very hot evening to get a pregnancy test, we walked back home, and nothing. She’s lucky to have a very supportive husband, and he’s very lucky to have my sister that’s for sure. A month later the news came that she was due in a few more months and thus a new journey began.

Over the course of the last couple of months I saw her body change. Her habits changed too. I got to see a different side of her, a natural mother. When I was younger she would care for me often, she taught me how to color without crossing the lines. She would do my hair in the mornings, and she taught me a million things about growing up. We had our clashes just like all siblings do but above all we are sisters. She has given me the opportunity to see my little niece grow, and for that and everything else I am very thankful. I know that I may never get to experience what motherhood is and I’m fine with it because I have gotten little glimpses here and there with my nieces and nephews. Its beautiful from what I have seen and I am very excited to welcome a new member into our family.

My favorite part of my sister’s pregnancy? I would have to say talking to my little nice. I would put my ear on my sisters belly and talk to her, listen to the sounds, and movement and every now and then feel the kicks or punches. Its quite incredible! Its a feeling like no other to know that a human being is growing in someone… its a beautiful thing. Now that she is close to coming into this world, it is the end of a journey and yet the beginning of another. I know my niece will be a most lucky girl to have wonderful parents like my sister and my brother-in-law. Of course, I shall be around to be the cool aunt that saves the day here and there by spoiling her, I mean thats the best part of being an aunt! I hope that the Universe allows me to see her grow like I have my other nieces and nephews, and that I have enough years in me to watch my whole family grow old.

Smile, endings don’t have to be the end but the beginning of something new and beautiful.