Sometimes I go outside while the sun begins to set. Its one of my favorite times of the day. Its almost as if nature takes on the role of the Impressionist artists and begins to use the land and sky as a canvass.

I stand there looking at the mountain range, a spectacular view of colors. The perfect blending and lighting in all its glory. That red orange color blending in with the blues in the sky, the in between purples and yellows so carefully in balance. The mountains looking like sleeping giants in the horizon, grandiose in all their enormous existence. Oh how beautiful they look with all their wrinkled and folded bodies, exerting their dominance over the valley.

The sun slowly going down to the West, the colors changing, blending, producing a picturesque show of color and lighting. The rays of the sun softly bouncing off the giants, and colors turning into deeper shades. Slowly the reds, the oranges and the yellows begin to fade away. A slow yet beautiful change, the change of life. The light begins to dim with every passing minute as the Sun hides under the sea. Darkness begins to prevail, the eyes of the night slowly appear in the dark fabric above our heads. They await for the Sun to submerge itself completely before blinking wildly down on us.

What a beautiful change, the change of life. Yet how I long to be a witness of that change not by myself but with someone else. To share those moments when the Earth rotates, just the two of us while the rest of the world concentrates in motion we can pretend to be motionless as we watch the world pass by. So please hurry home my love, because there’s just so much I want to share and witness with you.

Smile, pretend to be motionless.