I’m glad to say that I am finally slowly going back to my normal life, my old habits, my old customary doings. I knew more than a year ago that the day my love had to leave to commit to his career would come, so from the beginning I knew what I was getting myself into. Technically I shouldn’t complain but this whole new way of life was really nothing what I was expecting. These last few weeks have been very odd, solitary for the most part, just trying to learn to adapt.

No one said adapting to new things was easy, I know. I thought that while my sweetie would be away life would be rather normal, same ol’, same ol’. I was so wrong! It was difficult the first week trying to deal with no communication at all. It was so difficult learning to not expect “Good morning”s and “Good nights” and all the lovely things in between. Long distance relationships are more difficult than I ever thought they would be. Everyone that has been in my shoes tells me things only get better, and they were right.

Although the first weeks were awful to say the least (especially the first week) you learn to be patient, you learn discipline, you learn to be strong. Slowly one can adapt to new ways of life, it just takes time. The good thing is I’m going back to my old habits, I started to go on walks, longer ones too and that has made me feel sooo good! I’m getting back in the kitchen, back to observing my world, back to all things that I found beautiful. This road is not easy, but you learn so much in the process, and you get a whole new experience of a different life. Honestly a life I never thought I’d get to live but thats just how crazy life can be, surprising you with things you least expect.

Smile, no one said adapting was easy but its definitely achievable.