Alright maybe I’m exaggerating a bit here, it hasn’t been a hundred days, but sometimes that’s exactly what it feels like. Solitude. What an interesting word meaning “the state or situation of being alone”. I remember when I would do nearly anything just to get away, to be alone for a while. Although I very much appreciate some alone time here and there you reach a point where you realize too much of something is well, too much.

Image by *serhatdemiroglu

Sometimes I do ask to be alone, to have that time of solitude to gather up my thoughts, to be unbiased about my choices. Other times when desperation really kicks in I ask for help, and that’s when you know something is seriously not right. Asking for help is becoming rare for me, I learned to deal with things on my own but sometimes a good talk is just what you need, to let it all out. The other person doesn’t even need to say anything, just listen is all I ask for. Last time I asked for help, no one was willing to help. Interesting. Its in times like that when you realize who’s really the friend they say they are, interestingly how you can filter “friends” out so easily.

I admit it, maybe I was way too emotional to even think a tad logically but that’s precisely when you need someone there to kick some sense into you. Maybe it wasn’t so bad to not have the people I had expected to be there for me, after all its about learning not to expect things right? So perhaps its not so bad, because it shows that I can get back up all on my own, it comes to show you that not everyone is who they say they are, and it shows you to not be dependent. Oh the lessons of life, sometimes they come to you in the worst of times.

Smile, you too can do stuff all on your own.