I admit it, I am in love with cooking and baking. If I had more time and resources I would most definitely spend my days in the kitchen without a complaint. There is something just so marvelous about making your own food. See a few years ago I’d stay away from the kitchen because I would burn just about anything or mess it up even if it was a simple lemonade drink. I learned that not everything should be followed, that you can always change things to your own taste and I love that!

I’m no pro at baking but I am very glad that I haven’t burnt anymore treats. I’m not a chef but I’m very delighted that I can at least create some sort of dinner all on my own. Its a nice feeling to know you can cook up your own stuff and not have to worry.

I started to bake mostly because I wanted to get better, I wanted to have some presentable thing on a plate something that I could eat and enjoy. I learned many things here and there and I felt accomplished. My next step was cooking and I put that off for a while. My mother likes to think it was the love bug that got me into the kitchen and I wont deny that it does have some involvement in my decision to spend more time in there. However learning how to cook is something I have been wanting to do for a while, the lack of time has really played a major role in pushing this back. Lately with more time, and more inspiration from my sweetheart I went back to it and extremely glad that I did. Through trial and error, advice, and a lot of experimentation my skills have improved. I have acquired a new hobby, something new to keep my mind occupied and something that I came to love and appreciate. My days in the kitchen, they just never fail to bring smiles to my face.

Smile, everyone has something that makes them smile.