I have a secret obsession, fascination, or whatever you want to call it with old books. Unfortunately I don’t own any old books, but at the sight of one I immediately go ballistic. What is it about them? Is it the thought of the history behind them, the story within the book? Really, what is it? I could be in a room with antique books and be extremely happy, there’s just something about those old pages, the feel, the look, the smell… that’s just exciting to my senses.

Lately there’s a particular theme to old books that I find myself looking into time and time again. Original first print Vincenzo Valgrisi books. If only those books weren’t so expensive, you can bet I would collect them. Just the thought of running the tips of my fingers along the lines of text, or holding a page in between my index finger and thumb makes me go insane. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever eve get a chance to touch one, its like my platonic crush, a secret (not so much now) dream of mine. Maybe if only I could get my hands on one, just one of those books no matter what the subject I would be so happy! To think that such marvelous object could belong to me… hey one can dream right?

Smile, sometimes the oddest things can make us smile.