I never thought I’d even be considered for something as sweet as this! Ann, from Finding Ann McGregor nominated me, THANK YOU! It’s very nice to know (and I’m very grateful) that there is at least someone out there that reads my random musings, rants, and observations, and yes it does make me smile! Thanks Ann, really appreciate this!

And now off we go with the tradition of this award!

Step 1: Thank and link the person that nominated you.

THANK YOU (I’ll keep saying Thanks by the way) Ann at http://findingannmacgregor.com

I wish I could nominate you too, because I really like to read your posts, and I think that you are a great blogger. You are a great example for a lot of women, you demonstrate enthusiasm which is very contagious by the way and for that and much more, THANK YOU. You really bring out a wonderful blog for the world and I hope that more and more people get a chance to read your writings.

Inspirational woman all around.

Step 2: Share seven random facts about yourself..

  1. I started blogging to get ready for my graduation writing test, I figured blogging would be a good way to practice my thoughts.
  2.  I have a small phobia of crossing streets, something that almost no one knows.
  3. I like that feeling after you’ve gone swimming. When you’re out of the water but you still feel like you’re floating. Yeah, that feeling.
  4. I LOVE snail mail. I even wrote a post about it, and believe me I will write more on it!
  5. My most recent hobby is knitting. I figured, why not?
  6. I am fluent in two languages: English and Spanish and can understand a lot of Franglais (yes French+English) and Italian
  7. I dislike brownies. Am I the only person who dislikes brownies? Sometimes that’s exactly how it feels.

Step 3: Pass the award along to 4 deserving blogging buddies.

Yeah I changed it to four instead of five. Because these four are special ones.

And here in no particular order my nominations for the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award go to…

The Jenny Blog : This lovely young lady or as she calls herself a Rebel Blogger combines personal with everyday beauty and wonder.

The Durtty Bride : Started reading her blog when she was engaged, she keeps her readers updated and if you read her blog you will see why she deserves this Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award.

Mo from the 254chronicles There’s a little bit of everything in this blog. I love how Mo produces a wonderful blog with various topics in her posts. There is a lot of variety, but each post is beautifully presented. Thanks Mo for a lovely blog.

Write.Sing.Laugh : This lovely young lady will keep you entertained. I love how she is has so many great responses to Plinky prompts. However she has way more than that. She really brings out passion and thought in her writing and I really admire that.

4. Contact those buddies to congratulate them.

All more than deserving blogs for the Irresistibly Sweet  Blog Award! Thank you for sharing your writings with the world! Blogging is not just about writing but also about reading. There are many great stories out there from people just like you and I. So take a second to read some of the stuff out there in the Blogging world, you never know when you might learn or appreciate something new.

Thank you once again Ann!

Smile, little surprises go a long way!