Friendship Day was yesterday, I know. But I believe that everyday should be friendship day. When you have friends that are there for you and appreciate you unconditionally any day is perfect to tell them what a great friend they are to you. Unfortunately sometimes you find out who your real friends are in times of hardship and times of trials. But the beauty of it all is knowing who is really willing to be there for you through thick and thin. So this post goes out to those friends that give a real meaning to friendship, and new meaning to family.

First and foremost to my extended family. A young and wonderful young lady that I met a few years back, she is who I call my sister. Through thick and thin and many miles in between this magnificent lady has always been there for me. Despite the times when I want to be alone, I think she knows me better than to leave me alone and no matter what, she is always inspiring me to smile. Yes, she is one of my happy inspirations and wonderful sister that she is.

A big “thank you” to who I believe to be the world’s most extraordinary man. A long time friend and now the man who I drool about day in and day out. My most exceptional sweetheart, what would I do without him? Be crazy perhaps. Truth is, he is a great listener, never fails to bring a smile to my face, and never fails to make me feel like the most luckiest lady in the world. Although distance separates us now, he finds the way to show me he’s still here. Before being the world’s greatest boyfriend he was one of the world’s greatest friends, and that goes to show you the level of dedication this man has.

Interesting how sometimes the best of friends are those who still manage to stay in touch no matter what the distance between huh? Well this one goes out to the many lovely ladies out there who have supported me these last few weeks. These ladies were once strangers but brought me in as one of theirs when I needed some guidance. It goes to show you that there are still kind people in this world, and don’t forget that.

So here is a toast to the many wonderful friends, old and new. May we all be surrounded by wonderful people, and may not distance, nor time, nor troubles get in the way of any great friendship. So appreciate those people who are there for you, the people that extend their friendships unconditionally, those are the people that make the biggest difference.

Smile, every day should be Friendship Day.