You know what I love so much? Family time. That easy, warm feeling I get when the whole family gets together every now and then to swap funny stories. Sometimes its for no reason, sometimes its to celebrate a birthday or even just to watch a sports game. Whatever the reason may be doesn’t matter because what matters is being a part of it.

I’m not going to lie, my family is very crazy, very dysfunctional like many other families. Like many other families we too have our downs, and our fights. Sometimes we have very “uggy” phases of life when things just don’t work and that’s life. Although I wish we never had those times, they happen and they’ll still happen and that’s just what happens sometimes. Coming back together is the best part, making up for that lost time or for those silly grudges.

You know what else I love? Sharing old stories that never get old. Does that happen to you too? We can say the same story, time and time again and no matter how many times we’ve said it it never gets old, and the laughter is always present. We like to tease each other about our little quirks, we like to point out the silly things we do. Hey, that’s just how this family works and its all in good fun.

I love to see my whole family together as one. I love to watch them laugh together. There’s just something so beautiful about that, so precious, so heartwarming. Whenever I see them laugh together I get extremely happy and its in times like this that all the bad things that ever happen fade away as if they never happened. My family may be crazy, my family may be dysfunctional, my family may be silly but my family will always be my family and goodness how I love them so.

Smile, whenever you get family time, savor each moment.