Its that time of the year again! The Perseids are here! If there is a reason to like summer (which I don’t fancy very much) is the Perseids.

Photo on National Geographic, taken by Siddhartha Saha

So what exactly is/are the Perseids? Its a meteor shower that happens around this time each year (some years better than others). Its one of the good ones, there’s also another meteor shower in Decemeber (also spectacular) but for those who like the cold weather. Unfortunately the moon will be out these days so the show wont be as spectacular as one would hope it would be. There’s still hope! I usually go out either way (hey its good to go outside you know) because every now and then you’ll catch a glimpse of some beautiful shooting stars, especially around the peak times. (You can always Google that stuff).

As always don’t forget to make your wishes! Take something warm too, cause nights get chilly. Enjoy a lovely night with some hot cocoa, a friend, your sweetie (I wish mine was here * sniffles *) or family! I hope that everyone that gets to see the Perseids will have a great experience.

Smile, make a wish!