One of my fondest memories when I was little kid was asking mom to tell me stories of her childhood. I remember I used to bug her so much just for a story, I wanted to know everything about her, I wanted to know how she was when she was my age. Sometimes she would make me a cup of warm milk with a tad bit of coffee (I wanted to be all grown up and drink coffee) and we would sit by the dining table and had our little story time. I was always so amazed at her stories (my mom was an adventurer herself) and I always made mini movies of it in my head, I loved it.

Compared to my mom I’m quite the angel, my mom grew up in a little ranch in Mexico in a house that was part of my grandma’s dowry, that house was to be witness of many, many things over the years. My mom was the most daring of all her siblings, she would climb trees for fruits, she would take off whenever my grandpa punished her and she would go to the coast where my great grandparents lived, all on her own.

My mom has always had that strong spirit, she’s always doing something ever since she was a kid. Whenever we go visit my aunt, I ask my aunt for stories too and anyone else who knew my mom tells me the same: “Your mother is a woman of strong will, stubborn, and amazing”. I joke around with her that I wasn’t nearly as crazy as she was, she says times are different. Imagine if I had done all the crazy things like take off on my own at a young age to go with my great grandparents? She probably would’ve disowned me!

I remember my mom telling me stories of her when she lived in the coast with my great grandparents for the summers. Her stories of swimming in the ocean with her cousins, or catching mussels with her toes. Mom in some ways has changed, shes a bit more reserved, less adventurous now. I don’t know if its because that’s what growing up does to people. What hasn’t changed is my love for those stories, even if I have heard them before. I may not be a little kid anymore, I may still not drink my warm cup of milk with my tad bit of coffee (since I drink coffee now hehehe) but siting around with her to listen to stories is something I will always love. Seriously, there’s no better story telling than when its about your origins, your ancestry, the people you love.

Smile, because there are some things you will always love.