I remember when I was younger (seriously though not that long ago, but then again some people say I’m still in denial) waking up early was something I always looked forward to. I would wake up without a complaint, even and especially on Saturday mornings. You know why? Because cartoons back in the day were actually GREAT. Now I wake up early to watch the news, and you know what I see everyday in the news? BAD news, its perhaps the most sadistic thing I’m addicted to. Perhaps it came with age that watching the news and being interested about what is going on in the world was something I came to like.

Alright seriously, what happened to my old cartoons? What happened to those fuzzy colored cartoons, and even those black and white ones that I LOVED as a child (and those weren’t even from my time!). Now I try to show some of those black and white cartoons to my nieces and nephews and they ask why there is no color, where is Hannah Montana, why not the “cool” cartoons. Its a shame to see how great (literally), classic, cartoons are no longer aired.

I loved eating cereal in my pjs while watching early episodes of Rugrats, or Recess, Pepper Ann! What about the early Pokemon, and the old Batman cartoons (that I so loved). What happened to Animaniacs, Looney Tunes, Mickey Mouse and Friends, or those black and white cartoons of little bugs, or ducks… what happened to Pinky and the Brain?! What happened to the Flintstones, or The Jetsons (that made me believe that by now I’d be seeing flying cars…). What happened to the many, many other cartoons out there (can’t name them all here) that were so amazing, were actually great, unlike most of the stuff that’s shown nowadays.

I wish I could buy every single DVD of my favorite cartoons, because if I ever (hypothetically speaking) have kids those are the cartoons I’d love to show them (hey at least once before they make up their mind). It seems that now cartoons are concentrated on other stuff to go along with the times, yes I understand. But don’t you think it would be nice to bring some of the old ones back so that you (yes, I know there are more of you out there!) can enjoy a good morning just like in the old times? Ah the old days… there are things that will always be missed about the old days, my lovely mornings with a bowl of KIX and of course my favorite cartoons.

Smile, its never too late to relive some of the good old days.