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  It really was. Since preschool I’ve been having my schedule set, I knew exactly what was to be done the days following, precisely what was expected of me and of course one of the things most students dread, the completion of homework. I can’t believe I’m actually saying this but I will miss homework, I will miss studying for midterms and having all-nighters (could never help not doing them) on Finals Week.

It’s not so bad I guess, I will continue to have exams and I am planning to go back as soon as I can. So much happened, and by so much I mean SO MUCH. I think that doesn’t even cut it, my life turned around completely and its only about to keep turning with surprises at every corner.

It was during Finals Week that I decided to apply for grad school, the application was actually all ready all I needed was to push that “Done” button and send it away but a lot happened. Long story short I opted to not apply, I decided it was time to start my life because truth is I’m not getting any younger.

Funny how things turned out because on graduation I got the chance to talk to one of my professors, one that knew me best and as he shook my hand he told me he hoped to see me in the Fall because there was no way I would not get into the program. With the chair backing me up as well (another one of my favorite professors who never gave up on me), and two others, my GPA, involvement and “enthusiasm to face challenges” all I had to do was say “Yes, lets do this”.

Thing is, I had made my decision a few days earlier that life was going to take me somewhere else for a while. As soon as my professor said that I looked up and thought how the Universe was throwing so much at me. Criticized for my decision I was, quite a lot actually by family and friends. How could I have a foot in grad school and back out? Like I said, I’m not getting any younger.

As I walked up the path that I walked so many times before, for years I realized it was the last time I would hopefully just for the few months to come. I said farewell to the many bright minds that amazed me every day, to the professors that didn’t give up on me and the buildings that housed my very thoughts. It was my second home for five years, the place that saw me grow. Some say graduating from college is the end of an era, and you know what? It is.

Thank you, Universe.

Smile, be thankful for the opportunities you take and those you leave behind.


It is the end of the 7th month of the year, July. Time sure seems to go by quickly sometimes. I still remember the early months of the year when the days were colder and school was on full swing. Months go by and by, faster or so they seem. Looking back at just this one month of this year I see that a lot has happened in my life. One month, that’s all the time it took for my life to take many twists and turns all over this Universe.

Taken from Visatupa's Summer Activity page.

There were great news in my life, and some that weren’t that great. Friendships and bonds with some people became stronger. I can’t say that I regret anything, there really is no point to have regrets. It has been a great month so far, anxiously awaiting the next one to come. Just a few hours left… here comes August.

Do I have goals for August? Of course, write more posts, send more letters, have meaningful moments with the people that I love, prepare for going back to school. It may sound like your usual pre-school/end of Summer plans but they are a bit different this year than they have been in the past. Perhaps I will elaborate more on that with posts to come. I cannot complain for I have been given the gift of life this month, a whole month to spend with the people that I love. I have been given the opportunity to make lasting memories, choices. I was given the opportunity to tell people I love them and I hope to do it many more times again.

Smile, you’ll get a fresh start soon.

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