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    Friendship, when two people form a bond, they go through life in good and bad. All friends like all relationships have their highs and lows, and points where neither will agree with one another. I understand that, you can’t agree with everyone on every little thing and that’s just how life is.

In my stress management class our professor told us to write, so here I am writing to express myself. Why do some people pretend to be someone they are not? You are someone’s friend, or you’re not. A friend wont twist your words, a friend wont create you drama, a friend stands by you through good and bad. Sure you may not like everything they say, but there is such thing as going too far.

Going as far as creating you drama (goodness not even to your face but through text messaging!) just crosses a line. Like I always say, if people really want to tell me something important why, why, why must people always hide behind technology? Is it so hard to be honest to people to their face? Shall we blame technology or shall we just call it what it is, cowardice.

If there’s one thing I dislike is people invading my privacy, if I invite you in on certain things its because I trust you (and people wonder why I have trust issues…) and I always make myself clear as to how far I’m willing to let people in. When they start to bring stuff up that quite frankly is nothing of their business, it does bother me. I’m not doing that to their lives, so why must they insist on invading mine? I’m friendly, I’ll be your handkerchief of tears but once you begin to cross the lines of distrust, dishonesty, and disrespect I will stand up and speak up. This is real life, its not high school where you can gossip and create drama it doesn’t make you look “cool” it shows your true colors. I value honesty, especially if its harsh or difficult for others to say, it shows they have courage to stand up. But when you try to add lies, deceit, bring up the past, and practically show interest in my failing in life that’s not honesty that’s just hypocrisy.

If you don’t know how I feel, don’t pretend you do nor go around saying how you think I feel. I’m tired of gossip, seriously like you have no idea. I’m tired of people saying one thing and wishing your every step is the next into the realm of failure. With friends like these, who needs enemies? I respect those who tell me they don’t like me because they are being honest. Its time to let go of people, surround myself of good-hearted people, by real friends not the so called “friends” that run away when you hit rock bottom or wish you the worst and pretend to smile as if nothing ever happened. I don’t need friends like these, I don’t want friends like these, its time to move on because life keeps going and there’s no time to waste.

Smile, they may be few but there are people with (real) good hearts out there in the world.


     I was watching the news recently when they started to report on the downsizing of the post office [Article from the Washington Post “]. Interestingly one of the news anchors said “Who does that?” in reference to who still wrote hand written letters and sent them through the post office. Immediately I thought, I do! So this downsizing of the post office is a very sad thing for me.

Every week (sometimes twice a week) I use my walks as a way to go drop off my letters to my sweetheart, its one of the things I always look forward to every week. I love writing him letters, people always ask me how I find a way to write something every day. I just do, since I can’t talk to him the way we used to I take it all to my letters and write what I would be telling him if he was here. All in all it makes me feel a lot closer to him. makes me feel that whenever I am writing he is there listening to what I’m saying.

What happened? I often ask myself why must we be such a sucked-into-technology kind of society, ironic since technology is basically my life (career wise). I wish more people wrote hand letters to other people instead of using E-Mail or text. It shows people you care, to take the time to actually write down words, its a rare act nowadays.

I LOVE snail mail, seriously love it! (Why I Walk On Sunshine, Snail Mail) Even more so now that it has a whole new level of meaning to me. Whenever I get an envelope with my sweetheart’s name my heart skips beats and beats faster, and well it just goes crazy. It gives me great sadness to know that people are not using the post that much now. (WHY?! WHY?! WHY?!) Look at how many jobs are getting lost just by having so many post offices closed. Yes, I know the budget… its still very frustrating. The wonderful people at the USPS have kept me sane, delivering my letters and bringing me mine these last couple of weeks. I smile whenever I see a USPS truck because I know that one of those trucks will one day bring me another letter from someone. With all this said, I hope that everyone out there that reads this post will write at least one hand written letter to someone, surprise someone! Make someone smile! And if you know someone that works at the USPS let them know this crazy girl thanks them for making me smile everyday.

Smile, be that person that says “me!” whenever someone asks of who still writes handwritten letters. 

 Ever heard the song “Walking On Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves? I love that song, and to me that song has a lot of meaning.

“I used to think maybe you loved me now baby I’m sure

And I just cant wait till the day when you knock on my door

Now everytime I go for the mailbox, gotta hold myself down

Cos I just wait till you write me you’re coming around”

I love getting mail, no I’m not talking about E-Mail but snail mail. The feeling of opening an envelope and awaiting to read whats inside… especially when it comes from someone like my love. I remember getting the first letter (after he left) I was a mixture of smiles and tears of joy (literally) for the rest of the day. Just knowing that he thinks of me despite his extremely busy schedule makes me smile, and makes me feel that warm tingly feeling inside. Ever since then whenever I get a letter in the mail from him I kid you not I start singing the song.

“I’m walking on sunshine wooah!”

I value greatly the work that the post office does. Without them I don’t know how life would be like. They are the men and women that close the gaps of miles that stand in between two lovers. They bring us close although far away, and the sight of the post by the house makes me extremely happy. Thank you great people from the post office, THANK YOU for all that you, just know you bring me smiles with every letter you bring my way, especially from my sweetheart.

Smile, walk with me on sunshine! Come on!

      Long distance relationships are not easy, especially when communication is extremely limited. So the advice that I got was “STAY BUSY”. Stay busy? I felt like I was pretty busy as it was but then I realized I wasn’t as busy as I needed to be. So a few days ago I decided to start a new hobby, knitting.

A few years back my sister-in-law somewhat showed me about knitting. Because I was much younger at the time she never took me seriously and I don’t blame her because I didn’t even take it that seriously either. Long story short I forgot the few things I learned and I had bought the materials thinking “Well, now I have no excuse not to learn.” So off I went to Youtube to look for some lessons.

What was to unfold I never expected, I can’t stop knitting. Its so much fun! I’m currently working on a scarf for my mom, and I haven’t stopped since day one. I love it! I have so many ideas of projects planned. My favorite is a blanket for my sweetheart and I to use when we watch movies. Scarfs, scarfs, and more scarfs. I love scarfs and I can think of a variety of colors to use! Can you tell I’m excited? I have several plans for this new hobby that I hope to accomplish in the near future.

Anyone else like knitting? If you are and like to help causes you might looking into knitting charities. Its a great way to help out, plus you get to have fun. For more information Google: knitting charities. If anyone out there has tried this and recommends any charities don’t hesitate to leave a comment of send me an E-mail my way!

Smile, you know you want to start knitting too!

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