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When was the last time you received a letter in the mail that was not a bill, or an invitation to a party that you’re not really looking forward to? Better yet, when was the last time you sent a letter to someone that means a lot to you? Not too long ago I took the initiative to send some friends of mine letters via Snail Mail. I thought that sending a letter was way more meaningful than sending an E-mail saying “What’s up?”, right? Right.

Turns out that the letters were a great success, and my friends loved them. I actually surprised them “But I just saw you!” I know, I just wanted to do something out of the norm! I mean how nice is it to get an old fashioned kind of letter in the mail, these things don’t happen anymore.

Taken from: 5 Awesome Snail Mail-Powered Art Projects by Josh Catone

Technology has showed us that social networking online is way easier, and faster than social networking in real life. With social websites such as Twitter and Facebook the world knows what you are up to, with you just saying so. It’s like your mini microphone where everyone is your audience (even if they don’t really want to be) as long as they are connected to you. Sometimes I feel that even E-Mail is being left out and being slowly replaced by shorter and faster ways of communication like chatting and texting (and yes once again the 140 character Twitter communication).

Don’t get me wrong, I use thee websites and tools all the time, I like them. But when someone really means a lot to you its best to say things in person, its nice to surprise them. In my circle, I’m the techie person, my main way of communication is technology and by sending a letter well you could expect a great shocker there. You should try it too, send a letter to someone, even a hand drawing on a piece of paper, be creative! Trust me, a hand written letter goes a long way, and its a great way to let people know that you care about them.

Smile, send a letter!


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