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I remember that when I was little and there were so many things that I didn’t understood so I made up my own explanations, my own reasons to why things happened the way they did. I never understood why some people were the way they were, or why they would treat me they way they did. Over the years I made countless excuses for them not realizing that I was setting myself to a state of denial instead of looking at things for what they really were.

Bottom line is we won’t please everyone we meet. Unfortunately, that also includes family, people that we unconditionally love, people that won’t feel the same way about us. When we’re little our eyes see the world with a lens of innocence, time goes by so slow, we feel free, and careless. As we grow older we begin to see things by how they really are, and we realize that there’s so much more out there than we ever imagined. As children, some of us are lucky enough to have not experienced discrimination of any kind, our world was sugar coated.

What about the kids who are not as privileged? Children that have been: raped, molested, discriminated, abused, mistreated, and stayed in silence. A friend of mine told me I was privileged for knowing what it meant to love without fear. She was raped when she was ten years old by a family member. Another friend told me how he is always weary of visiting friends because when he was little he was discriminated by his friend’s parents for being African-American. Similar stories went on and on, and as I listened to every one of those stories I thought: how come I never heard any of this when I was little? These people are my friends, my peers. The people I see everyday with a smile on their face, and I was so angry and I felt so impotent.

New slang when you notice the stripes, the dirt in your fries”, and that’s when innocence is gone. Is it better to live in a state of innocence where the world is sugar coated? Or in a world where you see things for what they really are? I prefer to notice the stripes, and the dirt on my fries, sure there are things I miss of those “good ol’ days” but I wouldn’t want to go back.

Some people will smile while hurting inside, while the world remains unaware. Believe it or not, some people are very unaware of what is going on around them, let alone in the world. There are many vile people in this world, but don’t forget that there’s also good hearted people out there willing to lend a helping hand.

Smile, we are the hope of tomorrow.


Not too long ago I came across with SocialVibe, a widget that is available here on WordPress to add to your own blog. When I found out what it was all about I knew I had to add one here. I chose the Charity:Water cause, and there are many other causes you can support on SocialVibe as well. There are causes for the environment, Red Cross, Invisible Children, education etc. If you have a WordPress blog you too can add one to your blog by going to your Widget Settings. Adding the widget is easy, just choose your cause, and join the many other people who like you are making a difference in the world.

I chose the Charity:Water out of all the other available because that is the one that called out to me the most. There are many others that I wish I had chosen as well, if I could I probably would’ve chose them all. However due to the restriction I must use my “Divide and Conquer” hat, and do one thing at a time. Water, it is vital and necessary for everyone. Our bodies are made up of a high amount of water, and the issue is, not everyone has the means to acquire it. I’m talking about drinkable water, clean water. I think many of us have gone through times when our thirst is so great and many of us might have drinkable water readily available, that is not the case for many people in the world today.

Although we live in the year 2010, many think that today we have so many advances in medicine and technology and many other fields too, and that is correct. It doesn’t matter if we live in the year 2010 or some year down the line, there will always be someone who is in need and today there are people who need water, food, shelter. Because water is so important, I’m supporting this cause. It only takes a little of your time to make a difference in someones life.

The world needs our support, every little grain goes a long way.

Thank you, thanks for helping the world and thanks for using the widget on this blog.

Smile, make a difference today.

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