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           After having to deal with a few midterms here and there I am now starting my final’s week. As a matter of fact I took a final this morning (yes, on a Saturday morning) and although it wasn’t as bad as I expected for it to be it was a definite “Brain Fryer”. Sadly I can say that I won’t be missing anything about the class, as a matter of fact I’m kind of happy it’s over.

          About two weeks ago I ventured into unknown territory, I had told myself that I had to be more bold and to try something new. Believe me it was definitely new for me. It was one of those days when you’re just packed up on caffeine from that Starbucks double shot cans, you‘re thinking of a million things at the same time… and that’s when I decided to ask one of my classmates out on date. It was my first time asking a guy out and to be honest I felt a little weird, I was ready to be turned down, actually at that moment I didn’t really care what happened. I was surprised that for my first time asking I got a very positive feedback. It wasn’t until I got home that I really realized what I had done but it was too late to call it off and I decided not to chicken out about it.

          The day finally arrived for our date, we had coffee for a start and I believed it would be fine. How can coffee go wrong? Right? To summarize it was the two longest coffee hours of my life. I could sense that he was nervous, but he was also very (and I mean very) confident. He’s a very sweet young man, with many aspirations. I’ve been told that I’m a great listener by my family and friends and that’s something that makes me happy. For some reason I just couldn’t stand listening to him for two whole hours. Not only did I say about ten to twenty words for those two hours but I just couldn’t take it any longer. Perhaps it was the fact that I heard a guy talk about how great he is compared to other people for two hours, or perhaps it was just me having a bad day. After discussing this incident with my friends, they all seemed to conclude that it was I who had a bad day, fine.

          I decided to listen to my friends, hey sometimes we want a second chance too. I listened and gave it another try. To summarize it for you it was worse than the first time. Not only did I realize that he was analyzing me as if I was one of his Psychological subjects (he‘s a Psychologist), but he was “racing” with a friend to see who would have a girlfriend first. Oh the high school flashbacks… It seemed extremely childish for me. During one of our meetings he got the news that a friend of his recently got a girlfriend, one would expect a friend to feel somewhat happy for their friend’s happiness instead he said, “It’s not going to work.” He said it with such certainty and when I asked why he would say that he said something about him having a perfect success rate when knowing when a relationship was going to fail or not. Gee I wondered if he knew if us talking was going down the drain every time we talked (because he sure didn’t seem to know). Despite my friend’s conclusion I came up with one on my own, after all I was the one who was part of the experiment and not the third party. My conclusion was that I was right in my hypothesis when it comes to dating psychologists (no offence anyone) they really have no clue of what is going on (but then again who does?). So when you hear that opposites attract, it sure is true with magnets but when it comes to dating, not so much.

          The lesson of the story is: guys, we really love to hear how amazing you are but please don’t over do it. Instead of looking like a glorious “alpha male” you end up looking like one cocky-needy guy. That also goes for us girls, we over do a lot of things. Trying new things is always great, surely this one time it didn’t go so well but that doesn’t mean that I won’t ask a guy out again. Don’t be discouraged by the outcomes of things, life continues and if today you didn’t find something worthwhile perhaps tomorrow you will. For now I’m just happy that there is a good chance I wont have to see this particular chap again.

Happy Pi Day!

 – Casper


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