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   Happy August everybody! I’ll be honest this morning I didn’t feel like waking up early, let alone do anything the rest of the day. Today I wanted to have one of those lazy days, and then it hit me: today is the first day of a new month.

I wanted to start the new month by staying active, and no one else was going to push me to get up except yours truly. I did exactly that, against my best wishes to stay in bed and be a lazy person I got up. The first thing I did was to get ready, grabbed some fruit, and went off on my way. I took a jog/walk this morning and since it was Monday I figured I’d get two birds with one stone and go drop off my letter to my sweetie at the local pick up box. So off I went and that was how I started my morning.

I didn’t stop, I went swimming as soon as I came home. I could feel the workout, it was intense but it wasnt so bad since I had started a few days back. Actually it felt pretty good, and much needed. I could’ve called it a day, but did I? No. I went off to clean my room, every inch of it. What can I say sometimes OCD hits me really bad. Now that my room is spotless and free of dust, now that my muscles got their workout I think its time to say that I started the day on the right track. Now I’m off to relax on this beautiful evening that awaits.

Smile, you too can start your day/month/year off right. 


It is the last day of August, my goals for the month have been accomplished. I have posted a post on this blog for the past 31 days, everyday. I read books, studied, worked on projects and went on my walks. I worked on my hobbies, most specifically photography. I created a private album that I shared with those who are close to me.

The month in review was great, I learned a great deal about myself. I had some bad times, but I learned that those bad times only made me stronger. I enjoyed every minute of this month. I created many wonderful memories with those I care most about, I spent time with people I love and admire. I had the opportunity to express myself in my most honest form. It was a great month, I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

September is about to start in a couple of hours, my posts will probably diminish. Maybe they won’t be everyday but I will do my best to update often. I’m about to go back to school! While this adventure ends, another begins! I’m looking forward to September, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Smile! Thank you for being a part of my goal this month.

When we were younger, you didn’t like me much. We grew up together, we went through many of life’s challenges together, we fell many times and helped each other up. My sister has matured so much over the years, she has grown to a wonderful young lady. She is strong, hard working and confronts every problem. She is brave, she never backs down, she never hides. She is an inspirational individual to me and she has been to many others.

She has gone through so much but she has never lost sight of her beliefs. She knows what she wants, she is determined and she goes after what she wants. I love talking to her, she is a great listener, she is a great conversationalist as well. She is outgoing by nature and she is one of the friendliest people you’ll ever come across. She’s always helping those in need whenever she can.

She taught me that the road of our goals is never an easy road, but always worth the challenge.

She has put others before her, she dedicated many years to me to help me grow up into the person that I am today. She taught me many things one of them being how to stay strong in times of need. My sister encourages me to continue on with life, she wants me to be someone great, she really knows how to push me forward. My sister is also my friend, a great daughter and a great friend to those lucky enough to be her friend. A wonderful wife, my new brother-in-law couldn’t be anymore lucky. I love my sister, and I thank her for everything she has done for me all these years.

Dear sister,

Have I told you how much you mean to me?

I love you.

Smile, because someone values you greatly.

A few posts ago I mentioned how I made some goals for the month so here is a small update. To start, I’ve been posting more stuff here on the blog, and that makes me very happy. It gets me thinking about a lot of things. I will confess that the last couple of days I have been suffering from a terrible case of Writer’s Block, but I am determined to get through.

I started reading! I’m talking about reading for pleasure and not for school and the like. It’s been nice picking up and book and just read, when I’m done I will post a review on it later (P.S. Book is really good). I started on my studying as well, started working on a project that was left on pause for a few weeks. Study wise things are turning up smoothly.

I started going on my walks again, I love it. I love the weather right now. I love that burst of energy after finishing my walks. Not only is it relaxing but it makes me feel good. As for photography, not much luck on that but I do expect to do that soon seeing as how I have a few birthdays coming up. Overall I like how things are turning up so far, its been a few days but I can see myself getting through.

Smile, do something you’ve been putting on hold for a while!

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