Daily Life Notes is a blog about random notes, thoughts, questions and observations about our daily lives.

Awarded 8/4/11 by Finding Ann McGregor (Thank you!)

I’m Casper, a 22-year old: daughter, sister, aunt, friend and full-time student. Growing up I realized that I enjoyed writing my thoughts down on paper, school changed things slowly. During one of my thoughtful days I decided to start this blog as my way to share some of my thoughts, memories and such with the world.

I like to have a positive outlook on life, I love to smile because I know that it makes my world a little brighter. I encourage others to think brightly too, and that is why you will usually find a “Smile, [ reason ]” at the end of my posts. The more reasons to smile, the more we will smile and together we can infect the world, one smile at a time.

I love to read comments and E-Mails too! Feel free to comment here or Contact me if you want me to write about something specific, or just to say “Hello”. I look forward to hearing from you and I hope that you help me spread Smiles around the world.