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I love holidays, what can I say? Any holiday (or normal day) is a good excuse to send someone a lovely card to let them know you have them in your thoughts. It’s a nice and simple gesture and often times I’ve seen how powerful it can be. I sent my “Happy Easter” cards earlier in the week. My week started off right and slowly degraded with the days, but things are starting to look up again, sun is shining once more.

You know what did made me smile? A card from my friend who sent me an Easter card too. Made me smile to know that although I havent spoken to her much over the last month or so, she still has me in her thoughts, and that meant a lot to me.

So today being Easter, enjoy it, embrace it. Remember that there are things bigger in life that are not necessarily materialistic or big enough for the whole world to see. Sometimes they are felt, other times they are so small we almost overlook them. Just remember that the little things do go a long way, a smile, a hug, it can be part of someone’s memory forever.

May you all have a lovely Easter religious or non-religious, with family or with a packet of Peeps and a few chocolate bars, may the sun shine bright for you today and everyday.

Smile, must there really be a reason to?


We’re moving! The thought alone gives me a bitter sweet feeling, I went to visit the new place and I must say that I really liked it. I have many plans too, for one I’ll be doing a lot more exercise, I’ll have more space for myself, I’ll have better lighting conditions to see the stars, I’ll be able to jump into a pool whenever I please. I’m already thinking of swimming in the rain…

While there are many good things about the new house, and all the changes that are about to come over me, I’m a bit sad to leave my home. THIS home. This is where I practically grew up, I’ve been living here almost half of my life. This is where I met my best friends, where for the first time I felt butterflies for someone. This is the place I call home. Within its walls many secrets were told, many memories were made, many tears where cried. If there is a place in this world that has seen me change is this house. This was the place I ran to, skipped to from school and the place I thought of when I was away. My refuge, my home.

I will miss it greatly, and yet at the same time to me its symbolic. A new start awaits for me, interesting how it is so close to the New Year don’t you think? I feel like this is a major step in leaving all the old feelings and old things behind.

It’s time to start again, rebirth.

Smile, moving on isn’t always so bad.

I will be honest with you, when I think of home I don’t just think of my home where I sleep and spend time with my family. Home to me is more than one place. Home is where you feel safe, where you feel like you can be yourself. To me home is also school, I’ve spent many, many hours on campus and I love it there. When school is on session there is no day that I go when I don’t smile. It’s a beautiful campus, big yet small and the people are friendly. The hallways are usually warm in the sense that they feel like home, the library is peaceful and the gardens bring out beauty in every angle. The animals add a wild touch to a warm felt place, and the people that make up the campus make it vibrant and lively. My school is my home.

There are a couple of places where I like to go when I like to escape from my daily routines. These are the places that make me ponder about many things. These are the places with beautiful views, some are deserted yet they have something to them that makes me feel happy. One is a hill where there stands a tree, an old tree big and bright. The journey to the top is never easy but the view is breathtaking and captivating. Sitting by it makes me feel safe, accomplished. Another place is where I go watch movies, I usually like to go alone, its been a place where I’ve grown so much. A movie to me is a work of art in itself. When watching a movie and you think about your life and how you can relate and how you can change many a thing you know a movie has been well executed. I’ve watched many movies in this place, usually the same room and I love it there. I like how it is far from everything I know yet so close to visit whenever I need to. These places are home.

Home. Home is where the people that I love are, where they can smile and feel free. Home is where we can share memories that can last years. Home is where we feel that inner warmth in our hearts and when we go to one of our many homes over our lifetime we know as soon as we get there, we know where home is.

Smile, feel the warmth in your heart.

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