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      Have you ever spent countless hours thinking of what your next step will be? What choice you’re going to make? In what direction you’re going to head?  I know I’ve done this many times for many hours, days, weeks… Thinking doesn’t get you very far, it’s the action of doing that gets you places but thinking, thinking is like making a map in pencil. You follow some paths, add and erase as you make your way in life.            

      Sometimes we look for inspiration, inspiration to a new song, a new post, a new life. Other times we look for someone known or stranger. Its hard to go through life not looking for something, we’re always looking for something or someone. There are times that we don’t even know what it is that we’re looking for but we go on taking a path here and another there just hoping to come across something great.

      What am I looking for? I’m not exactly sure but I have an idea. I miss old things and I feel like I miss things I never had (is that possible? Yes.). Its all strange, surreal but its mostly all there. Some is hidden and some is in plain view (yet we cant seem to see it anyway).  What is this great search that we go through time after time?


Can it be? Think about it.                    

Smile, happiness can be right in front of you.



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