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       It all started with going to drop off the letters to my sweetie at the mail drop off box. It then started to hit me, that I should start doing it more often. See, I love going on walks, a lot. I enjoy that peaceful time, the scenery the whole thing I just love it. I had stopped for a couple of weeks because of a lot of things that were going on then I decided to come back, and come back the right way. I didn’t want to mention much at the beginning because I wanted to make sure it was something I was going to stick to. This year has been not only a life changing year for me but a year where I decided to have more self discipline.

I must note that all of this has been in large part been because of inspiration from my sweetie (yeah he’s an inspiring man!). Knowing that he is doing something big and heroic really inspired me to at least try doing something for myself. My walks have gotten longer, I’m slowly incorporating jogging, my workouts have gotten more regular and more well established. I’m even thinking in taking part of a local 5k event (I even know what I want my little badge to say, a dedication to my sweetie) and that is what I am currently aiming for. I asked some members of my family to join me, but lets face it I can’t wait around for others if I must do something I must go out and do it on my own, although everyone else is welcomed to join in. I realized that having self motivation is a big part in making things happen and that’s what I’ll be sticking to. I gotta make things happen.

Smile, make things happen in your life. 


   Happy August everybody! I’ll be honest this morning I didn’t feel like waking up early, let alone do anything the rest of the day. Today I wanted to have one of those lazy days, and then it hit me: today is the first day of a new month.

I wanted to start the new month by staying active, and no one else was going to push me to get up except yours truly. I did exactly that, against my best wishes to stay in bed and be a lazy person I got up. The first thing I did was to get ready, grabbed some fruit, and went off on my way. I took a jog/walk this morning and since it was Monday I figured I’d get two birds with one stone and go drop off my letter to my sweetie at the local pick up box. So off I went and that was how I started my morning.

I didn’t stop, I went swimming as soon as I came home. I could feel the workout, it was intense but it wasnt so bad since I had started a few days back. Actually it felt pretty good, and much needed. I could’ve called it a day, but did I? No. I went off to clean my room, every inch of it. What can I say sometimes OCD hits me really bad. Now that my room is spotless and free of dust, now that my muscles got their workout I think its time to say that I started the day on the right track. Now I’m off to relax on this beautiful evening that awaits.

Smile, you too can start your day/month/year off right. 

    Earlier in the week I decided to go for a walk, mostly to clear my mind up from everything that has been going on in my life lately. I realized how little we appreciate the feel of sweat. Yeah thats right, sweating. Its a nice feeling, makes me feel like I’m actually doing something. It was a long walk and felt longer because it had been nearly two weeks since I had last gone for my walk. I took it rather slow, taking in the sights, the smells, the noises of the semi-busy streets. It was lovely.

On my way back home I decided to stop to grab a cup of coffee, it was early in the morning and I figured what better way to continue my morning than with a nice cup of joe! So there I was doing my coffee ritual, still thinking of thoughts that lingered my mind, minding my own business. When I reached the counter to pay for my coffee the cashier guy tells me that the guy in front of me had paid for my coffee. By the time I realized what had happened the guy was already getting in his car, and I figured there was no point in running to catch up to him to thank him, so random stranger Thank You!

I thought it was a very nice random act of kindness, selfless too. Most intriguing since he wasn’t the kind of person to wait around for a thank you or asked for anything in return. See, now that is something very admirable. I wish I had returned the favor to have done that to at least someone else but no one else was at the store at the time. One day I’ll return the favor, I feel like its my turn to pass on that random act of kindness, and that makes me wonder how far that act can go? Its the little things that count, the selfless acts of good, think about it. One little act at a time can not only make someone’s day (because it definitely made mine) but can make a big difference overall.

Smile, share a random act of kindness with someone. 

Back to school is just around the corner! I’m very excited, and nervous as well. My classes this quarter will be challenging and I hope by the end of the 10th week I feel as excited as I do now. Because Summer vacation has been longer than what I always hope for, i’ve gotten into some not so good habits. For one, the World Cup just killed me (always does). The snacks, the food (yummy) really got to me. The heat kept me from doing stuff I liked, and well overall I got really lazy this Summer. This month I decided to add my walks back to my regular routine even though the heat is still getting to me. I’ve enjoyed my walks these last couple of weeks.

What has changed? I stepped up my game. I started to eat healthier around mid-month. I started to work out. My main concern is going back to school and being so out of shape that I’ll feel super tired by the time I reach the top floor of the building. When I’m in school I walk A LOT! From building to building, up and down hills and here and there too. I feel great so far, the heat has limited my activities greatly (over 100 degree weather where I live) but everything feels great.

Smile, step your game up!

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