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 At the beginning of this year I had no idea what was about to enfold just a few days after 2011 started. I had so many different plans, and nearly none of them have I worked on. Truth is life caught me off guard. It was the good type of surprise, the kind of surprise when someone steals a kiss from you.

I wasn’t expecting to celebrate this Valentine’s Day in a romantic kind of way. As a matter of fact I expected to bake cookies for kids, sit down and enjoy a scary movie… work on homework pretend that this overrated holiday didn’t exist. Then I had my Life Changing Weekend and I kid you not I came out a different person from that place. I took a risk.

I look back on the post “ Letter To A Friend “ Days after I posted that things changed, a lot. A few weeks after that post I realized I had a crush on that friend, nothing was going to happen he was a friend a very valuable friend. Then I decided to take a risk, and before I knew it the Universe had taken a crazy spin, wilder than anything I ever thought possible. He was my Valentine. We watched the sunset, we watched the moon, he walked me home, he made me smile like I hadn’t in years. Funny how little things roll into bigger things. I felt the butterflies, I felt nervous and happy. Then it hit me how we underestimate the power of touch, and when he held my hand everything just felt right. Oh the changes of life!

Smile, let the butterflies roam free. 


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