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I still remember the first time I really walked into my boyfriend’s house, alone. It was last Summer when his mom invited me over to get to know me more, I was so nervous. There was much more to that visit, there was a connection and she helped me get through my mini depression episode that I had when our young man left to the service. It was her, her daughter and I sitting in that living room with a box full of pictures. Within the minute I walked in I felt at home, they didn’t look down on me, they didn’t make me feel like a stranger, I was like family.

Over the last couple of months they’ve given me the chance to meet the whole family in a more intimate way and I’ve been so thankful for that opportunity. It’s very nice to be able to go over when our young man is away, spend time with the family. Today my family got together to celebrate Easter with a small BBQ and an egg hunt for the kids, even pool time and they asked me to invite my boyfriend’s family to join us.

Honestly, I was scared. Knowing how my family is, they are very shy and my mom rarely has a conversation longer than a minute. Mostly, I was scared that our families would shy away from each other or not get along because of language and such. I was a bit scared to do this on my own without my boyfriend around. In the end, it turned out to be a great success!

Yes, our families got along so well I was shocked! My brother was shocked to see my mom talk for hours and hours, my nieces and nephews got along with my boyfriend’s siblings, and his family met my whole family even my sister’s-in-law’s family. I’ve got a big smile on my face, couldn’t ask for more than two see harmony between our families. The best part? It wasn’t even about my boyfriend and I, it was about all the things they all have in common; we just happened to be the connection.

Smile, sometimes you fear the worst only to have the best happen.


    Friendship Day was yesterday, I know. But I believe that everyday should be friendship day. When you have friends that are there for you and appreciate you unconditionally any day is perfect to tell them what a great friend they are to you. Unfortunately sometimes you find out who your real friends are in times of hardship and times of trials. But the beauty of it all is knowing who is really willing to be there for you through thick and thin. So this post goes out to those friends that give a real meaning to friendship, and new meaning to family.

First and foremost to my extended family. A young and wonderful young lady that I met a few years back, she is who I call my sister. Through thick and thin and many miles in between this magnificent lady has always been there for me. Despite the times when I want to be alone, I think she knows me better than to leave me alone and no matter what, she is always inspiring me to smile. Yes, she is one of my happy inspirations and wonderful sister that she is.

A big “thank you” to who I believe to be the world’s most extraordinary man. A long time friend and now the man who I drool about day in and day out. My most exceptional sweetheart, what would I do without him? Be crazy perhaps. Truth is, he is a great listener, never fails to bring a smile to my face, and never fails to make me feel like the most luckiest lady in the world. Although distance separates us now, he finds the way to show me he’s still here. Before being the world’s greatest boyfriend he was one of the world’s greatest friends, and that goes to show you the level of dedication this man has.

Interesting how sometimes the best of friends are those who still manage to stay in touch no matter what the distance between huh? Well this one goes out to the many lovely ladies out there who have supported me these last few weeks. These ladies were once strangers but brought me in as one of theirs when I needed some guidance. It goes to show you that there are still kind people in this world, and don’t forget that.

So here is a toast to the many wonderful friends, old and new. May we all be surrounded by wonderful people, and may not distance, nor time, nor troubles get in the way of any great friendship. So appreciate those people who are there for you, the people that extend their friendships unconditionally, those are the people that make the biggest difference.

Smile, every day should be Friendship Day.

If there’s one thing I dislike greatly, is shopping in a hurry, in a store filled with stubborn and angry people or as people like to call it Black Friday and Near Christmas Sales. I really don’t get the point in buying stuff during those sales, its a headache. Sure you’ll save money here and there but I would rather have peace of mind and be able to take my sweet time around a store without having to worry if someone will get to an item before I do because of super limited quantities. I don’t get the whole idea of camping outside a store or getting up at 3am just to get there early. Believe me I have done it, especially as a child when my family would wake me up just to hit the sales. I disliked it very much.

I learned that you have a whole year to know what people what, to get what people want and to take part in specials that’s don’t have many crazy people running around and fighting. So my plan is to start buying the gifts that I know to be for sure gifts earlier on in the year or even up to October. I do my best to avoid shopping in late November till Christmas.

I love it much more this way. I have to deal less about running to the store, or getting this or that. Or even wrapping presents the night before or even the day of. I hide the presents, and people never find them unless I show the little kid toys to my mom but thats never a big deal because its the kids I hide them from the most. After that its an easy holiday season, worry free. Oh how I love just looking at people go crazy over shopping, knowing that I am almost done with mine. Just laying back and relaxing, listening to the holiday music and eating a cookie or two. Life is great when you don’t procrastinate.

Smile, its never to early to start thinking about the holidays!

I love holidays, what can I say? Any holiday (or normal day) is a good excuse to send someone a lovely card to let them know you have them in your thoughts. It’s a nice and simple gesture and often times I’ve seen how powerful it can be. I sent my “Happy Easter” cards earlier in the week. My week started off right and slowly degraded with the days, but things are starting to look up again, sun is shining once more.

You know what did made me smile? A card from my friend who sent me an Easter card too. Made me smile to know that although I havent spoken to her much over the last month or so, she still has me in her thoughts, and that meant a lot to me.

So today being Easter, enjoy it, embrace it. Remember that there are things bigger in life that are not necessarily materialistic or big enough for the whole world to see. Sometimes they are felt, other times they are so small we almost overlook them. Just remember that the little things do go a long way, a smile, a hug, it can be part of someone’s memory forever.

May you all have a lovely Easter religious or non-religious, with family or with a packet of Peeps and a few chocolate bars, may the sun shine bright for you today and everyday.

Smile, must there really be a reason to?

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