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It is the end of the 7th month of the year, July. Time sure seems to go by quickly sometimes. I still remember the early months of the year when the days were colder and school was on full swing. Months go by and by, faster or so they seem. Looking back at just this one month of this year I see that a lot has happened in my life. One month, that’s all the time it took for my life to take many twists and turns all over this Universe.

Taken from Visatupa's Summer Activity page.

There were great news in my life, and some that weren’t that great. Friendships and bonds with some people became stronger. I can’t say that I regret anything, there really is no point to have regrets. It has been a great month so far, anxiously awaiting the next one to come. Just a few hours left… here comes August.

Do I have goals for August? Of course, write more posts, send more letters, have meaningful moments with the people that I love, prepare for going back to school. It may sound like your usual pre-school/end of Summer plans but they are a bit different this year than they have been in the past. Perhaps I will elaborate more on that with posts to come. I cannot complain for I have been given the gift of life this month, a whole month to spend with the people that I love. I have been given the opportunity to make lasting memories, choices. I was given the opportunity to tell people I love them and I hope to do it many more times again.

Smile, you’ll get a fresh start soon.


The ceiling fan’s blades spin endlessly.

It’s been a long day, a long warm day. My feet take ghostly walks across invisible fields. My body is tired and unmoved. My brain tries to concentrate on the remnants of the glow in the dark days of my room. They turn on and off with the spinning of the blades.

Is this madness? No. Yes. Maybe. It feels more like an out of body experience. My eyes are wide open, my mind tells me it’s time to close them, its time to dream of things that don’t exist (or maybe they do). It’s time to dream of a twisted mirrored world of my own reality. I close my eyes. Nothing works. I can hear hear the faint noise of the ceiling fan.

When did it even begin to make a noise? I can’t remember, it’s not like it matters. Yes, it does matter.

I close my eyes again, I think of my day… actually that’s a bad idea its too much to think about. I think of a trip I took a while back. Tranquil, serene, the breeze and the salty taste of the ocean air… the fan is making it’s noise. It’s spinning, spinning, spinning. Taunting me, the noise it makes surely is laughter. My eyes are opened, I feel like I have night vision. Oh wait, my eyes have adjusted to the darkness of my room. The fan keeps laughing, I know it’s laughing. I pull the sheets over my head, the fan is not laughing anymore, oh the peace has finally settled in! I close my eyes.

Slowly with my eyes closed I start to pull the sheets back, I can’t make noise or the fan will surely see me and laugh once more. I’ve made it! It didn’t see me! I open my eyes.

There’s light, the Sun is shinning brightly outside, the birds are chirping away. It was all a dream, or so it seams. But then I look up and see the ceiling fan’s blades spinning endlessly.

Smile, the sun is shinning.

A while back I started to compile a list or as some call it a Bucket List, things that I want to do before I die. As odd or macabre as it may sound (because thats what i’ve been told) I like it. I like to know that I wrote these things down just so that I can go back and look at what still needs to be done and what not. One of the items on that list is to write a whole novel.

I’m not exactly how the idea initially started but I got into it. I’ve tried to write stories before and never really got to finish them because I had no clear plot or ending to what I was doing. This one seems to be a bit different. I’ve been working on chapter one for months now. I rewrote it a few days ago as a way for me to take a different look on the story itself. It was difficult at first, I felt like I was deleting away days of writing, creativity, hard work but it had to be done. Now that I’m working on the new updated version of my first chapter I feel like it has a better start and a better flow to what is to come in the next chapters.

Image from Flickr by user JKim1

For the first time I even figured out the ending. The one thing that usually prevented me from finishing a story was not knowing where it was leading and how it was gonna end. Not this time. During one of my sleepless nights I started putting the puzzle pieces together, it started to make sense, everything. The next morning that was the first thing I outlined and finally everything makes sense. I was very happy.

I know I dont have much for a couple months of work but believe me its more than i’ve ever had regarding my writing of stories. I feel like this project is a keeper and I feel like I can actually finish this. What am I gonna do when its done? I’m not sure, I was asked this by a friend yesterday. Still not sure what i’m going to do. So far I know that I have my friend who wants to read it, thats more than what I expected. Now off I go to continue my trail of thoughts into this project of mine!

Smile, don’t give up, keep on trying.

When was the last time you received a letter in the mail that was not a bill, or an invitation to a party that you’re not really looking forward to? Better yet, when was the last time you sent a letter to someone that means a lot to you? Not too long ago I took the initiative to send some friends of mine letters via Snail Mail. I thought that sending a letter was way more meaningful than sending an E-mail saying “What’s up?”, right? Right.

Turns out that the letters were a great success, and my friends loved them. I actually surprised them “But I just saw you!” I know, I just wanted to do something out of the norm! I mean how nice is it to get an old fashioned kind of letter in the mail, these things don’t happen anymore.

Taken from: 5 Awesome Snail Mail-Powered Art Projects by Josh Catone

Technology has showed us that social networking online is way easier, and faster than social networking in real life. With social websites such as Twitter and Facebook the world knows what you are up to, with you just saying so. It’s like your mini microphone where everyone is your audience (even if they don’t really want to be) as long as they are connected to you. Sometimes I feel that even E-Mail is being left out and being slowly replaced by shorter and faster ways of communication like chatting and texting (and yes once again the 140 character Twitter communication).

Don’t get me wrong, I use thee websites and tools all the time, I like them. But when someone really means a lot to you its best to say things in person, its nice to surprise them. In my circle, I’m the techie person, my main way of communication is technology and by sending a letter well you could expect a great shocker there. You should try it too, send a letter to someone, even a hand drawing on a piece of paper, be creative! Trust me, a hand written letter goes a long way, and its a great way to let people know that you care about them.

Smile, send a letter!

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