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  I took a class in college to help me with my stress management skills. Honestly, it was nothing what I expected. I expected more meditation, yoga like environment to learn the skills I needed to learn to relax. Instead I got to learn more the biochemical side of it, and how to mentally process and control myself from external sources of stress. I still remember the first day of class when the professor announced that we had to write journals, I figured how bad can it be? Well it wasn’t bad at all but the writing was extensive, and deep in thought. There were certain topics that just got to me, like those times when the light bulb in your head lights up. On some of those I would write and write, spilling my thoughts out into words. When I would go back to read what I wrote I learned a lot about myself. I learned that there were certain things that were bothering me that I hadn’t really paid attention to. I learned the that some things stem from my childhood are still very much alive in the back of my head.

I learned how much writing helps the soul. Might sound cliche, but it’s true. Sometimes we cant seem to find someone to talk to about our whole life story, because lets be honest no one really wants to listen to a lot of whining stories of you victimizing yourself for some sympathy. But when you write, you write out your thoughts, and slowly your most inner and concealed thoughts come out. Then the feeling of relief comes down on you, you feel like you’ve let it out. You can rant for hours if you please, you don’t have to write to anyone, but writing sure is like the chicken soup to the soul.

Looking back on my assignment for class, I ended up with more than 60 pages on just my thoughts on various ideas and concepts. Those were my thoughts for a whole ten weeks. Looking at my blog I see a similar effect, I see how I have grown, how I have changed in a longer period of time. Incredible I think. Its like recording your thoughts, and they become a part of your own history. Its a beautiful thing to look back on. I’ll leave you with this, write when you feel like you have no one to listen to you. Write when you feel like the world is upside down, or even when its at is best, because one day in the future you’ll look back and you’ll see how much you’ve learned, how much you’ve changed, how much you remember and you’ll smile. You’ll smile because things are different and others are the same, but most of all you’ll smile because you’ll feel good that you got through it all.

Smile, write and write some more.


We take our strength and health for granted, its true. I haven been sick in a while, better yet I havent been THIS sick in a very long time. I recently got stomach flu, pesky little thing that is. It all started the night before yesterday when I suddenly woke up at three in the morning I could feel everything hurting, I knew I was ready to puke even though I told myself about a hundred times “No, no, no, no…” Long story short, I stayed in bed all yesterday. ALL day, I cant even wake up and lay down on a normal day because I feel like I need to do something. Yesterday I couldn’t even move, my muscles ached, my head was killing me, my stomach was not happy and every time I moved I felt like I was going to puke again.

So I was in bed all day, and then it hit me how weak I was, how defenseless I was laying there unable to get up even to get a glass of water. It amazed me how quickly it all happened, only hours before I was running around doing errands, I was so happy, I was ready to take on the world. We take our health for granted, I didnt think I would be this sick, this weak. I thought I was ready to tackle anything that came my way. Sometimes I would think, if survival was something I had to do I could do it with eyes closed because I was healthy and I was fine. But the thing we don’t realize is how things can change so suddenly.

I take this little event in my life as something bigger, I didnt just get sick I came to realize that

1.We can’t really say what we will do until we’re in a certain situation.

2.We shouldnt take our health and strength for granted.

3.Even when you’re weak, stay strong (or in my case stubbornness).

I don’t feel 100% ready to go but I’m staying positive, I got out of bed today =) I did laundry, I did some chores, I even started to eat crackers (that had never tasted sooo good like today)! Alright I know, I have to rest but what can I say I’m stubborn. Besides I feel a lot better getting up than laying down. Who knows I mean maybe I got sick because I needed some rest to begin with, so Universe I got a whole day’s worth of it. It’s time to move on =)

Smile, stay strong.

This last week has been a very troublesome week for me. It has been a bit “blue” if you know what I mean. If you read yesterday’s post you’d understand a little more, as for what I remembered from my past, that I would rather leave where it belongs, in the past. I guess I had an overwhelming week, a lot has been going on in my life lately. I’m keeping on the positive side of things.

I’m human, I make mistakes, and of course I fall down every now and then. There are days when I want to be away from the world and there are days when I just can’t get enough of it all. Bad phases come to us all but it is not in how or what makes you fall but the mere fact that you decide to get back up again.

Hannah After The Storm by Shelly Svoboda

This week, when my life seemed to be a never ending proof of Murphy’s Law. Everything that could possible go wrong, went wrong. Amazing right? Yes. Between us I got to a very frustrated point. I got thinking over the last couple of nights of how perhaps I was looking at the whole situation in a wrong way. When I came to think of it, things could probably been worse, and I’m glad they weren’t. It’s Sunday now, I’m alive, I’m smiling and I made it through a bad week.

What did I learn? I learned so much these last couple of days. I learned that it is possible to keep my strength even when in the most challenging of times. I learned that brighter days come sooner or later. I learned that I had proof that patience is key to success. I learned that I am strong enough to end the worst of weeks with a smile on my face, and it is my strength that will keep me going no matter what.

Smile, find your inner strength and keep on going.

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