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     School is about to start, the whole hype about kids going to school reminds me of when I was younger. I remember that every year I would look forward for that school shopping experience. I remember going down the isles with my brother and or my sister and they would ask me what materials I would be needing for school. This, this, that… The routine was always the same, and always pleasant.

I loved going school shopping. There was just something so nice about that “starting all over” feeling that I loved so much. Each year was the same, a new beginning, a new start. Seeing my nieces and nephews getting ready to go to school really brings me back to my days when I was their age. A lot has changed from what I’ve seen. Perhaps I’m getting to old, perhaps I’m still stuck in my old ways when things seemed more childish and naïve. Nowadays I see kids more worried about other things like makeup (yeah, I’ve seen first graders worried about makeup), and new gadgets and cellphones. I’m talking about kids here! Maybe I really am stuck in the olden days when a lunch box was so cool to have, when the biggest gadget you owned was a Gigapet or a calculator that you didn’t even need. I miss the old days when backpacks where all about Hello Kitty and Lisa Frank and not about Hanna Montana and all those other characters that are way too out there for me.

I remember how the most we complained about where uniforms, and how much we disliked wearing those collar shirts. Now kids that don’t have to take uniform complain about having brand jeans and designer clothes. I miss the simple days of school, the more childish days where kids were actually kids and enjoyed their childhood. Today all I see is kids so worried about their body and image, and having the new styles and being popular. Today it seems that being a second grader and not having a phone is a big deal breaker. What has happened? Why can’t we be a big more conscious about giving kids a break and let them be kids. Then again times have changed, but I don’t think I’ll ever change in liking the simpler things in life.

Smile, just because times change doesn’t mean you can’t reminisce about your good times. 


    There’s these tables in the middle of a school. Its a middle school, to me its the best middle school in the world. By those tables are these big and tall trees that give the nicest shade on hot days. Its on those tables that I used to sit down when I was a little kid to talk to my sweetie about books, and the nerdy things we liked.

Back in the day we were just friends, he was a very shy boy, he was new to the school for that year. He was mysterious in a very captivating way. His brown eyes, his black hair, that thoughtful look that he still does when he’s thinking about things. Looking back I was (still am) a very nerdy girl, quite the weirdo if you ask me. I started to talk to him because we found out we had some books in common, and well mostly I just liked to bug him. At one point I had a crush on him but only to find out that all the other girls had a crush on him too. Being his friend is all I wanted, all that really mattered to me, we remained friends for years after that.

He captivated me from day one, always made me think with his questions and observations about life. During lunch we would sit under those big and tall shade giving trees, on those blue tables predicting what was to happen in our favorite book series. Here we are nearly a decade later, with many miles apart and very close at heart.

Whenever I pass by that school and look at those tables, those trees I get this bittersweet feeling of nostalgia. Remembering how it all began all those years ago, seeing how much we’ve done in the in between time, and where we are now. I’m not going to lie, going back always gets me teary eyed (in a happy way) whenever I think of the good times I had under those trees. It never hit me that that shy and mysterious boy I met all those years ago would end up being the man I want to keep growing old with.

Smile, any little moment can be THE moment that changes your life forever. 

      I remember when I was younger (seriously though not that long ago, but then again some people say I’m still in denial) waking up early was something I always looked forward to. I would wake up without a complaint, even and especially on Saturday mornings. You know why? Because cartoons back in the day were actually GREAT. Now I wake up early to watch the news, and you know what I see everyday in the news? BAD news, its perhaps the most sadistic thing I’m addicted to. Perhaps it came with age that watching the news and being interested about what is going on in the world was something I came to like.

Alright seriously, what happened to my old cartoons? What happened to those fuzzy colored cartoons, and even those black and white ones that I LOVED as a child (and those weren’t even from my time!). Now I try to show some of those black and white cartoons to my nieces and nephews and they ask why there is no color, where is Hannah Montana, why not the “cool” cartoons. Its a shame to see how great (literally), classic, cartoons are no longer aired.

I loved eating cereal in my pjs while watching early episodes of Rugrats, or Recess, Pepper Ann! What about the early Pokemon, and the old Batman cartoons (that I so loved). What happened to Animaniacs, Looney Tunes, Mickey Mouse and Friends, or those black and white cartoons of little bugs, or ducks… what happened to Pinky and the Brain?! What happened to the Flintstones, or The Jetsons (that made me believe that by now I’d be seeing flying cars…). What happened to the many, many other cartoons out there (can’t name them all here) that were so amazing, were actually great, unlike most of the stuff that’s shown nowadays.

I wish I could buy every single DVD of my favorite cartoons, because if I ever (hypothetically speaking) have kids those are the cartoons I’d love to show them (hey at least once before they make up their mind). It seems that now cartoons are concentrated on other stuff to go along with the times, yes I understand. But don’t you think it would be nice to bring some of the old ones back so that you (yes, I know there are more of you out there!) can enjoy a good morning just like in the old times? Ah the old days… there are things that will always be missed about the old days, my lovely mornings with a bowl of KIX and of course my favorite cartoons.

Smile, its never too late to relive some of the good old days.

    One of my fondest memories when I was little kid was asking mom to tell me stories of her childhood. I remember I used to bug her so much just for a story, I wanted to know everything about her, I wanted to know how she was when she was my age. Sometimes she would make me a cup of warm milk with a tad bit of coffee (I wanted to be all grown up and drink coffee) and we would sit by the dining table and had our little story time. I was always so amazed at her stories (my mom was an adventurer herself) and I always made mini movies of it in my head, I loved it.

Compared to my mom I’m quite the angel, my mom grew up in a little ranch in Mexico in a house that was part of my grandma’s dowry, that house was to be witness of many, many things over the years. My mom was the most daring of all her siblings, she would climb trees for fruits, she would take off whenever my grandpa punished her and she would go to the coast where my great grandparents lived, all on her own.

My mom has always had that strong spirit, she’s always doing something ever since she was a kid. Whenever we go visit my aunt, I ask my aunt for stories too and anyone else who knew my mom tells me the same: “Your mother is a woman of strong will, stubborn, and amazing”. I joke around with her that I wasn’t nearly as crazy as she was, she says times are different. Imagine if I had done all the crazy things like take off on my own at a young age to go with my great grandparents? She probably would’ve disowned me!

I remember my mom telling me stories of her when she lived in the coast with my great grandparents for the summers. Her stories of swimming in the ocean with her cousins, or catching mussels with her toes. Mom in some ways has changed, shes a bit more reserved, less adventurous now. I don’t know if its because that’s what growing up does to people. What hasn’t changed is my love for those stories, even if I have heard them before. I may not be a little kid anymore, I may still not drink my warm cup of milk with my tad bit of coffee (since I drink coffee now hehehe) but siting around with her to listen to stories is something I will always love. Seriously, there’s no better story telling than when its about your origins, your ancestry, the people you love.

Smile, because there are some things you will always love. 

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