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     Seriously, how many of us stop to think of the little things that happen everyday? From what I know of those around me, not many. If you think about it a lot of little things make a big difference everyday! It might be that you woke up without help from your alarm. Perhaps it was the flower in the garden that made you smile. Maybe you were having the worst day of the week and a stranger smiled and somehow that changed your whole outlook on life.

      It can be as small as finding a penny on the floor. As little as finding a dollar in the back pocket of your jeans. It has happened that something as small as a red light led someone to miss a flight, that ended up crashing. The little things are the new big differences.

      Sometimes I wonder if the little things are there for a reason. I don’t consider myself overly religious but really is this coincidence? A random event in our universe? These little things we take for granted seem to me like little big gifts we get on a daily basis. I think that I get more questions than answers and the truth is I may never get all the answers I seek. For now I can say that I am just happy knowing that no matter what happens there will be something to make me smile.

      Smile, open your eyes to the little things around you.


“Do not watch the petals fall from the rose with sadness, like life, things sometimes must fade, before they can bloom again”

     I love quotes, I’m always looking for something that’s related to my mood, but mostly I look for something inspirational. Recently I came across the quote above, and I liked it. I don’t know who the author is because when I found it, there was no name next to it. I think I read it a hundred times before I decided to write this.

     This is one of those quotes that makes you think about life in general if you know what I mean. Take for example last year. I think that we can all agree that we all had ups and downs some of us had more of one or the other. Truth is we decide how we can end a day, by that I mean our mood.

     Take for example something bad that happened. At the moment it happens we can feel really bad about it all. We begin to question as to why it happened, and why it happened to us. Perhaps we might never know why things happen. By chance or by some random act of the universe bad things will happen and there is no way in stopping them. The beauty in it all is that we can take those bad things and see them in a new way. We can go through the experience and end up learning something about it or we can dread about it for days and maybe even longer. Ultimately it is our choice, we choose how to end the day.

     Bad things in my opinion shouldn’t always be seen as bad but rather as opportunities for change, learning and growth. Just think about it, sometimes we must move on before we can start again.

     Smile if you see the petals fall because the roses will bloom again.

     Another year has ended and it only seems like we started yesterday. I have to admit that this was not the year I had hoped for at the beginning but then again life is unexpectable and it will never be like exactly the way we want it to be. Life was tough for me this year, it wasn’t so much a roller coaster as it was a path of hot coal. Looking back and thinking of all the couldve’s and should’ves and all that good stuff it was great. I came to understand many things about my surroundings and about myself, there is always something to learn. You see I have two options fall back and deprive myself from happiness from all that has happened or learned from what happened and smile because life goes on. I preffer to take the second one.

      I think that for the first time in my life I am more inclined to believe not in random acts but in acts for reason. I am starting to incline towards the “things happen for a reason” kind of a deal. That was no me one year ago. I used to believe that it was all random and that whatever happened happened for no reason at all. Over the course of the year I dealt with many situations most unfavorable yet satisfactorily fruitful. Life is great and I’m glad to have another day of it.

      I’ve come to learn many things this year, things that I wasn’t too happy about at first but with time learned that it was best to know now than later. I matured over the past year and I learned to think a bit more differently. I spent more time with my family the way I had planned at the beginning. I set out to acomplish a few goals like accepting and finishing an academic project. I learned how to bake. My patience level went up, way up. I learned to remain cool in times when I would normally go insane. I learned to be a better listener. I learned to observe better and take better mental notes of my surroundings, believe me this comes in very handy. I learned to not worry my life away with simple things but to try and enjoy every minute that I could. I was able to keep smiling even through the darkest of times and that is something that no one was able to take away from me.

      I learned these and many things more last year. Now its that time to start again, a new year, a new decade. Lets begin with a smile, with a positive outlook on the future and together we can get to places we cant even imagine. Smile, smile big and proudly. 

Smile because no one can take it away from you. Happy New Year!

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