“Do not watch the petals fall from the rose with sadness, like life, things sometimes must fade, before they can bloom again”

     I love quotes, I’m always looking for something that’s related to my mood, but mostly I look for something inspirational. Recently I came across the quote above, and I liked it. I don’t know who the author is because when I found it, there was no name next to it. I think I read it a hundred times before I decided to write this.

     This is one of those quotes that makes you think about life in general if you know what I mean. Take for example last year. I think that we can all agree that we all had ups and downs some of us had more of one or the other. Truth is we decide how we can end a day, by that I mean our mood.

     Take for example something bad that happened. At the moment it happens we can feel really bad about it all. We begin to question as to why it happened, and why it happened to us. Perhaps we might never know why things happen. By chance or by some random act of the universe bad things will happen and there is no way in stopping them. The beauty in it all is that we can take those bad things and see them in a new way. We can go through the experience and end up learning something about it or we can dread about it for days and maybe even longer. Ultimately it is our choice, we choose how to end the day.

     Bad things in my opinion shouldn’t always be seen as bad but rather as opportunities for change, learning and growth. Just think about it, sometimes we must move on before we can start again.

     Smile if you see the petals fall because the roses will bloom again.